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People will call on Doomsday: for pity’s sake! God help me

People will call on Doomsday: for pity’s sake! God help me

Surah ‘Al-Baqarah (The Cow) – Chapter – 2)
Stage – 1, Verses – 165b to 167 of 286, Section –20 of 40 (Part - 2)

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful 

Oh, that those who do evil had but known, (on the Day) when they behold the doom, that power belongeth wholly to Allah, and that Allah is Severe in punishment!
Wa  law  yarallaziina  zalamuuu  ‘iz  yarawnal-‘azaaba,  ‘annal-Quwwata  LIllaahi  jamii-‘anw-wa-‘annAllaaha  Shadiidul-‘azaab.


In the earlier verses, after discussion about Oneness of God, Creator of the Universe and dignity of the Believers, Allah Almighty told about His Power and Strength, and commanded that the Infidels and Idolaters ascribe partnership with God Almighty to the different things due to their foolishness, ignorance and un-foresightedness. They consider as these things will accede to their wishes, support them at the times of difficulties, give rewards or prizes to them as compensation of their worship and believe that these are masters of the powers.

Allah Almighty asserts in this verse, “Would that! The deniers of the Truth and the Idolaters would have seen the Doom which We shall descend upon them on the Doomsday. After seeing the doom, they will say at once that all kinds of powers and strength, Greatness, Divinity and Magnificence, power of choice and influence are only for Allah Almighty, nobody can speak or boast before Him. Without Him, none can help or support any other and everything is humble before Him.

On that Day, neither the wealth/property of anyone will be useful for him, and nor his relatives and friends will help him. Every individual will try to run away from his intimate brothers, sisters, mother, father, wife, children, friends and relatives; so that he would not have to suffer their doom upon himself. On the Day of Resurrection, the Idolaters will forget their false worshiped and liar partners, and they will call “for pity’s sake! God help me”.

During the worldly life, various types of difficulties and tests descend on the human beings. Using the sense, every person should deem that this all is from God Almighty and he should fall prostrate before Allah Almighty learning from these calamities.

In the Sayings of the Messenger (glory, grace, blessings and peace be upon Him) this humility, indigence and helplessness has been told as penitence and begging mercy, and supplication as worship. The Messenger of God Almighty (glory, grace, blessings and peace be upon Him) commanded, “‘Ad-Duaaw- mukh-khul  ‘ibaadah” (Supplication is the Brain of Worship). 

166.  (On the Day) when those who were followed disown those who followed (them), and they behold the doom, and all their aims collapse with them.

167.  And those who were but followers will say: If a return were possible for us, we would disown them even as they have disowned us. Thus will Allah show them their own deeds as anguish for them. And they will not emerge from the Fire.  
166.  ‘Iz tabarra-‘allazii-nattu-bi-‘uu  minallaziinat-taba-‘uu  wa  ra-‘a-wul-azaaba  wa  taqat-ta-‘at  bihimul-‘asbaab.

167.  Wa  qaalal-laziinat-taba-‘uu  law  ‘anna  lanaa  karratan-  fa-natabarra-‘a  minhum  kamaa  tabarra-‘uu  minnaa.  Kazaalika  yuriihimUllaahu  ‘a’-maalahum  hasaraatin  ‘alayhim.   Wa  maa    hum-  bi-khaarijiina  minan-Naar.  


Allah Almighty has described a horrible and dreadful scene of the Doomsday. Would that; the evildoer Idolaters might think, take it a warning and shun from the evildoing.

On that day; the liar religious or spiritual guides; who have compelled the common stupid people to follow them, will leave them who followed them and due to following them; they had left the straight path. This time will be very frightful and dangerous for those stupid follower obedient disciples, which their spiritual guides would have kept themselves aloof from them, the means would have been cut, and the doom would be visible in front.

The stupid followers will say, “would that we may go once again back to the (previous) world and adopt displeasure behavior likewise these wicked religious and spiritual guides disowned us but then, it will not be possible. Their evil acts will be in front of them in the form of an afflicted record and there will be no way to get rid of the Hell Fire.  

‘Allazii-nattu-bi-‘uu – (who were followed) ‘It-tibaa’ is its infinitive mood which means to follow. It signifies towards the religious and spiritual guides who are followed. 

‘Al-laziinat-taba-‘uu – (who followed), that is to say; the followers, obedient and disciples of their liar religious and spiritual guides.

Transliterated Holy Qur’an in Roman Script & Translated from Arabic to English by Marmaduke Pickthall, Published by Paak Company, 17-Urdu Bazaar, Lahore, Lesson collected from Dars e Qur’aan published By Idara Islaah wa Tableegh, Lahore (translated Urdu to English by Muhammad Sharif)