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Difference among Magic and Miracle

Difference among Magic and Miracle

Surah ‘Al-Baqarah (The Cow) – Chapter – 2)
Stage – 1, Verse –102a of 286, Section –12 of 40 (Part - 1)

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

And they followed that which the devils falsely related during the kingdom of Solomon. Solomon disbelieved not; but the devils disbelieved, teaching mankind magic and that which was revealed to the two angels in Babel, Harut and Marut.
Wattaba-‘uu maa  tatlush-shayaa-tiinu ‘alaa mulki- Sulay-maan. Wa maa kafara Sulay-maanu wa laakinnash-shayaa-tii-na kafaruu  yu-‘allimuunan-naa-sas-sihr,  wa maaa ‘unzila  ‘alal-malakayni  bi-Baabila Haaruuta  wa  Maaruut.


Ash-shayaa-tiinu – (plural of Satan), those demons are also meant from this word who were subordinates of the Prophet Solomon (peace be upon Him) besides the Devil, and they were violent and of evil spirit. The demons have been born from the fire. They have wisdom and decency. This creature cannot be seen by the human beings.

Some commentators have indicated about the word ‘ash-shayaa-tiin as the individuals of bad nature and addle-mannered that used to take part in the rebellion against Prophet Solomon (peace be upon Him) and accused Him falsely of various sorts. These devils were very skillful in magic.  

Sulay-maan – (Solomon), He was a very famous Prophet (peace be upon Him) out of the Children of Israel, and He was a very powerful King of His era. Besides Syria and Palestine, limitations of His Government had been spread up to Iraq in the east and up to Egypt in the West. His kingdom was of a great splendor and magnificent.

In this verse, God Almighty has signified towards another intolerant act of the Children of Israel that these people follow the magic, black magic and witchcraft, instead of admitting the true Revelations of Allah Almighty. These magic and witchcraft are those deeds, which the devils had spread during the times of Prophet Solomon (peace be upon Him). Those witchcraft contained infidel words, were acquired unlawfully and used for evil purposes. 

These people used to commit the acts of magic and infidelity themselves but betrothed towards the Prophet Solomon (peace be upon Him). They blamed Him that He teaches the magic. But God Almighty has proclaimed about Prophet Solomon through Holy Qur’an that He was free from these kinds of wicked deeds, and told that these people are telling a lie entirely. 

‘Al-malakayni -  (two Angels) God Almighty sent two Angels in Babel to prevent the people from using the magic and witchcraft. Their names were Harut and Marut. These Angels had to live among the human beings. So their faces, bodies, colors, habits and emotions were like the humankind.
Baabil – (Babel), it is old name of Iraq Arab. Name of the Capital of the country was Babel also. This city was 60 Miles away from present city Baghdad towards south on the river bank of Frat. It was a big, developed and most fortunate city. Its agricultural area was irrigated by two famous rivers (Dajla and Frat). This country was famous particularly due to magic, black magic, witchcraft and other infernal practices too.

‘As-sihr – (magic), ‘as-sihr is also used for deception in Arabic language. It means that a thing with which the vision of the human being may be deceived. In it, reality differs from the evident. Among magic and Miracle, there is a great difference besides other things, that in the miracle, the condition is changed but with the magic, the reality does not change. Only the vision is deceived. The Jews used to learn and teach this knowledge for obtaining worldly bad advantages.

According to the Islamic Law, the magic is unlawful. Reason is clear that the Magicians use the sentences of infidelity, adopt unlawful methods and bring the magic in use for good and bad acts. How a Prophet and Angel (peace be upon Them) can do the works like this?    

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