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Deliverance from Pharaoh’s folk

Deliverance from Pharaoh’s folk

Surah ‘Al-Baqarah (The Cow) – Chapter – 2)
Stage – 1, Verses – 49 & 50 of 286, Section – 6 of 40 (Part - 1)

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

And (remember) when We did deliver you from Pharaoh’s folk, who were afflicting you with dreadful torment, slaying your sons and sparing your women. And that was a tremendous trial from your Lord.
Wa ‘iz najjay-naakum-min –‘Aali- Fir-‘awna yasuu-muuna- kum  suuu-‘al-‘azaabi yuzab-bihuuna ‘abnaaa-‘akum wa yas-tahyuuna nisaaa-‘akum.  Wa fii zaalikum balaaa-‘um-mir-Rabbikum ‘aziim.

‘Aali- Fir-‘awna – (Folk, people, near relatives, religion fellows, servants and children of Pharaoh), Pharaoh was title of the King of Egypt. Usually the people imagine a king of the Egypt who was named as Pharaoh. In fact it was not the name of one person. Moreover it was surname of the entire kings of Egypt as the title of the king of China was ‘Khaqaan’ (Emperor) and the King of Rome was surnamed as ‘Caesar’.

Prophet Joseph (Peace be upon Him) brought and populated the Israelite in the Egypt. They lived in the Egypt hundreds of the years and their population reached in hundred thousands. The King of Egypt made them his slaves and treated them extremely disgracefully and contemptibly.

Once, the King dreamed at night. He gathered the soothsayers and asked them to interpret his dream in the morning, “I have seen a fire coming from the Temple of Jerusalem. It has besieged the Egypt and begun to burn the ‘Qabtees’ (Egyptians) choosing one by one”. Listening to it the soothsayers told the King that a child would be born in the Israelite that would become the cause of your death and fall of the Emperor.

The Pharaoh collected all the nurses and midwives of the country and ordered them, “Whenever any ‘son’ comes into the world by birth in the Israelite, kill him at once. However the girls be left alive.” Due to the orders of the King thousands of the sons of Israelite were killed. After all, the leaders of the Egypt thought, “If all the Israelite are killed in this manner, who will serve us?”
Listening to it, the Pharaoh ordered, “Continue killing process for one year and stop it for the next year regularly”. The year in which killing process was postponed, in that year Prophet Aaron (peace be upon Him) was born and in the year killing process was in force, during that period Prophet Moses (Peace be upon Him) came in this world but God, the Most High saved his life with His sound policy and he could not be slain.

The above mentioned verse indicates towards such event. The nation of Pharaoh had put the children of Israel in so much difficult calamity and labor. Finally God Almighty set them free from these disasters through His Prophet Moses (Peace be upon Him). 

And when We brought you through the sea and rescued you, and drowned the folk of Pharaoh in your sight.
Wa ‘iz faraqnaa bikumul-bahra fa-‘anjay-naakum wa ‘agraq-naaa ‘Aala- Fir-‘awna wa ‘antum tanzuruun.

Al-bahra – (Sea) here, aim from al-bahra is the Red Sea (Arabian Gulf). It is also called as deep sea. Through this sea the Egypt meets with Syria and Siena. The Israelite entered in Peninsula Siena after crossing this Sea and got freedom from Pharaoh and folks of Egypt.  

Faraqnaa bikumul-bahra - (We brought you through the Sea). It points towards the event mentioned in this verse that when the Children of Israel began crossing the Red Sea, God Almighty created for them a way to cross the sea. It was Miracle of Prophet Moses (peace be upon Him) that when He beat His stick on the water of sea, the earth in the sea became dry and now there was a path for Israelite to cross the sea. As per historians this event was occurred nearly 1447 B.C.

Wa ‘antum tanzuruun – (And you were looking). The Children of Israel are being told that they had seen with their own sight about the infamy and disgraced death of their greatest cruel and despotic king.

The Israelite used to bear the cruelties of their tyrant kings of Egypt for many years. After all they devised that they should leave the Egypt and go to their ancestor’s native country Syria and Palestine under the supervision of Prophet Moses (peace be upon Him). Because the government of Egypt was not agreeing to permit them leaving the Egypt, so they started their journey at night. They had fear about following by the Egyptian government, grief on leaving their homes and utter darkness of night. Due to fear and confusion they forgot the straight path.

On the other side the Pharaoh had known that the Children of Israel had run away. He followed with his Army and reached near to them. Now the Jews were entirely helpless. Before them there was sea in the east and behind them a great Egyptian Army. The Children of Israel were much confused as they had been surrounded. At that time, Prophet Moses (peace be upon Him) beat His stick in the sea according to the command of God Almighty. The sea was cracked and the dry land appeared. Caravan of the Israelite crossed the sea. Mean while the Army of Pharaoh reached there. They saw dried path and dropped down. But they were still in the middle of the way that the water became in a level and met mutually itself. Pharaoh drowned along with his Army. The children of Israel looked the show of drowning their enemy helplessly with their sights. Above mentioned verse signifies towards this story.

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