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The sincere and God-fearing people

The sincere and God-fearing people

Surah ‘Al-Baqarah (The Cow) – Chapter – 2)
Stage – 1, Verse – 177c of 286, Section –22 of 40 (Part - 2)

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

And those who keep their treaty when they make one,
Wal-muufuuna  bi-‘ahdihim  ‘izaa   ‘aahaduu,


After discussion about the faiths, affairs and worships, now the topic regarding morality, manners and courtesy begins. The most excellent basic characteristic of the human being (to have a good moral character) is that he must fulfill his treaty, promise and agreement completely when he makes it with any other individual, group or nation. It is very necessary to fulfill the treaty for his personal life and for those people, with whom he has any concern.

There are many forms of the treaty, for example; the mankind makes treaty with his Lord Almighty or with the other people. In our daily lives, we have to make a lot of promises and agreements with God Almighty, brethren, relatives and common people. In other words, the treaty means those responsibilities; which we make necessary upon ourselves to be fulfilled strictly. For instance, God Almighty has taken covenant from us that, as He is our Creator and Worshipped, so we shall worship Him only. At the time of trouble/necessity, we shall pray only before Him. We shall believe as He is the One (God) and the Omnipotent. Now it is our responsibility that we should not become the promise-breaker.
Likewise, we have promised with our brethren that we shall try our best to serve and obey the elders, educate and bring up our children, and correct our deeds. We shall help financially our dears and relatives. We have kept agreement with the common people that we shall perceive, help and care the orphan, the needy, the poor, the wayfarer, the beggar, and the compelled and slaves, who are deprived of freedom. Now we should fulfill completely our responsibilities and we should not behave with them carelessly.

Besides this, it is also our responsibility that which task has been given in our charge or where we are serving; we should work honestly in exchange of the salary and wages, which we get from the employer. It appeared that we have made any covenant in our practical life with any individual from the countless human beings; we have lifted a very heavy bale of responsibilities over our heads. It is compulsory to fulfill our all responsibilities and engage ourselves with full honesty and excellent manners.

Today, maximum people have become low in this matter. They do not care for the respect of their treaty in both forms i.e. individually as well as collectively, and do not take the promise as a promise. It has reached the limit that national and countrywide treaties remain also firm till the time to avail against. As soon as, anyone gets power, the entire written treaties are broken.    

And the patient in tribulation and adversity and time of stress. Such are they who are sincere. And such are the God-fearing.
Was-Saabiriina  fil-ba’-saaa-‘i  waz-zarraaa-‘i  wa  hiinal-ba’s.  ‘Ulaaa-‘ikallaziina  sadaquu.  Wa  ‘ulaaa-‘ika  humul-Mutta-quun.


ba’-saaa-‘un – (tribulation), it actually relates to the financial miseries.

‘Az-zarraaa-‘un – ((adversity), it belongs to physical diseases and distresses.

Hiinal-ba’s – (at the time of stress) that is to say, during the war in the path of God Almighty.   

Saabiriina – (the patient people, full of patience) those individuals, who may bear pains, inconvenience, etc. without complaining.

Holy Qur’an has guided for the interpretation of human manners, morality and courtesy, and commanded that these characteristics should exist in such individual, who has a good moral character. He should fulfill treaty made by him, accomplish his responsibilities with extremely good manner, pay special attention on the Rights of God Almighty and the Rights of the devotees/mankind, and during the time of financial distresses, physical diseases and war against the enemies of God Almighty, should bear with patience, perseverance and firmness.

In the practical life, the human beings have to suffer different types of troubles, distress, pains and difficulties. Unemployment, adversity, economical misery, starvation and poverty, and likewise all other confusions use to tease the human being every day. The problems of the children’s education and bringing up them, the matters of their marriages and so like other difficult necessities vex him and he use to try and think about these matters day and night. Besides this, diseases of various sorts and bodily pains use to besiege him as if, today he is ill himself, tomorrow would be laying his any other member of family on the bed, their treatment, medicines and cure become other causes of his confusion.

Then threat of enemy, fear of waging the war, possibility of destruction, depravity and ruin, risk of bustle and disorder, these all things keep the human being confused.

This verse ends here, in which, the Islamic concept of the righteousness has been explained. The people, who have the correct belief, sacrifice their property, worship their Creator properly and pay the poor-due regularly, fulfill the treaty, and the patient in tribulation and adversity and during the time of stress. Such people are they, who are sincere. And such individuals are true human beings, the Believers and the God-fearing.

Transliterated Holy Qur’an in Roman Script & Translated from Arabic to English by Marmaduke Pickthall, Published by Paak Company, 17-Urdu Bazaar, Lahore, Lesson collected from Dars e Qur’aan published By Idara Islaah wa Tableegh, Lahore (translated Urdu to English by Muhammad Sharif)