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Spend your best things and God will reward you

Spend your best things and God will reward you

Surah ‘Al-Baqarah (The Cow) – Chapter – 2)
Stage – 1, Verses – 266 & 267 of 286, Section – 36 & 37 of 40 (Part - 3)

In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful
266.  Would any of you like to have a garden of palm-trees and vines, with rivers flowing underneath it, with all kinds of fruit for him therein; and old age hath sticken him and he hath feeble offspring; and a   fiery whirlwind stiketh it and it is (all) consumed by fire. Thus Allah maketh His Revelations clear unto you, in order that ye may give thought.
266.  ‘A-yawaddu  ‘a-hadukum  ‘an- takuuna  lahuu  jannatum-min-nakhiilinw-wa  ‘a’-naabin-tajrii  min-  tahtihal- ‘anhaaru,  lahuu  fiihaa  min-  kullis-sama-raati,  wa  ‘asaabahul-kibaru  wa  lahuu  zurriy-yatun- zu- ‘afaaa- ‘u  fa- ‘asaabahaaa  ‘i’-saarun-  fiihi  naarun-  fahtaraqat.  Kazaalika  yubayyi-nUllaahu  lakumul- ‘aa-yaati  la- ‘allakum  tata-fakka-ruun.  


Likeness of those people has been described in this verse who spend their wealth as alms-giving either only to show the people, or after giving the alms they show kindness on those persons and annoy them physically or spiritually.

The likeness of the consumers is, as his total earning of his life, which is only a garden, which is verdant, green and full of fruit. That garden is loaded with each type of fruit. He, the owner of the garden reaches old age and cannot do work himself. His children are still offspring, who instead of sharing their father’s troubles and pains, are burden for him. At the nick of time, when the father is very old and the children are dependents, suddenly he knows that the garden has caught fire; everything has been burnt and reduced to ashes. What will be guess at that time about grief and affliction of the owner of the garden?

More than it, bad condition will be of that un-lucky person, whose eyes remained closed during his entire life due to negligence and carelessness, and opened first of all at that time when the respite of acts had entirely ended. As though, the goodness has caught fire due to his in-sincerity and his reward is ruined by chance, as this garden caught fire and his owner afflicted. Allah Almighty mentions all these likenesses, so that we meditate in to them and taking it as warning, do not destroy entire deeds at the end, which we have performed.   

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267.  O ye who believe! Spend of the good things which ye have   earned, and of that which We bring forth from the earth for you, and seek not the bad (with intent) to spend thereof (in charity) when ye would not take it for yourselves save with disdain. And know that Allah is Absolute, Owner of Praise.
267.  Yaaa- ‘ayyu-hallaziina  ‘aa-manuuu ‘anfiquu  min-  tayyibaati  maa  kasabtum  wa  mimmaaa  ‘akhrajnaa  lakum-minal- ‘arz.  Wa  laa  ta-yamma-mul-khabiisa  minhu  tunfiquuna  wa  lastum- bi- ‘aakhiziihi  ‘illaaa  ‘an  tug-mizuu  fiih.  Wa’-la-muuu  ‘annAllaaha  Ganiy-yun  Hamiid.   


‘Al-khabiisu – (bad thing), it aims ‘rejected, inferior and useless thing)

Different commands have been delivered regarding spending in the Way of God Almighty. It has been described in the previous verses that whenever you spend for the Cause of Allah Almighty; it should be avoided from showing and dissembling. Moreover, personal intent should not be to molest the people and to cause to boast one’s bigness. To whom the charity is given, he should neither be placed under an obligation, nor injured and nor you should despair him. Rather the wealth should be spent only with good intent and purity of heart for the Pleasure of God Almighty. There should not be any other purpose except the Will of God Almighty.  

It has been explained in this verse that agreeable and of superior quality; things out of one’s lawful and pure earnings should be given in the Path of Allah Almighty. That is to say; the remainder, stale, bad smelling, spoiled or rotten things should not be given to the poor, needy and miserable people. It is fact that if someone gives you any time these types of things, you will never accept them, you will turn up your nose, knit the eyebrows, and declare abomination from it, save it is another matter that you will keep quiet due to any particular reason and overlook from it. Therefore, the bad things should never be given for the sake of God Almighty.

It is necessary that the best of all wealth and the best of all things, which you love most, should be spent fondly in the Way of Allah Almighty. You will get more reward doing so. God Almighty is very Absolute from our alms and charity. He does not need these things absolutely. Nevertheless, with how much pleasure we shall spend, He will give us so more.   

Transliterated Holy Qur’an in Roman Script & Translated from Arabic to English by Marmaduke Pickthall, Published by Pak Company, 17-Urdu Bazaar, Lahore, Lesson collected from Dars e Qur’aan published By Idara Islaah wa Tableegh, Lahore (translated Urdu to English by Muhammad Sharif)