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God caused to excel some Messengers and some are those whom He spoke

God caused to excel some Messengers and some are those whom He spoke

Surah ‘Al-Baqarah (The Cow) – Chapter – 2)
Stage – 1, Verse – 253 of 286, Section – 33 of 40 (Part - 3)

In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

253a.  Of those messengers, some of whom We have caused to excel others, and of whom there are some unto whom Allah spoke, while some of them He exalted (others) in degrees.
253a.  TILKAR-RUSULU  faz-zalNaa  ba’-zahum  ‘alaa  ba’-z.  Minhumm-man-  kallamAllaahu  wa  rafa-‘a  ba’-zahum  darajaat.


‘AR-RUSULU – (Messengers of God Almighty), for which, the words Prophet (Rasuul, Pay-gam-bar and Nabii) (peace be upon them) are used also. Origin of Rasuul is Rasaa-lat which means Mission, Messenger-hood and conveying the Message of God Almighty. Rusul are a sacred group of Messengers who delivered the Message of Allah Almighty to His servants without decrease or increase. 
faz-zalNaa – (We have caused to excel), its origin is Fazal, which means grandeur, reverence, nobility, highness, excellence and dignity. The entire Greatness and Excellence are in the Hand of Allah Almighty. He Bestows His blessings and favors on whom He wishes. None can get them personally. Wealth, personal respect, knowledge, power of stature or family background, indeed nothing is so, with the source of which, someone may attain virtue and highness surely, except that His Greatness is attached with the individual.

man-  kallamAllaahu – (to whom Allah Almighty spoke), that is to say; those Prophets (peace be upon them) with whom Allah Almighty talked directly and conveyed His Commands as it happened with Prophet Moses (peace be upon him).

God Almighty has commanded in this verse: Of those Messengers, some of whom We have caused to excel others, for instance; some Messengers (peace be upon Them) are those with whom He talked directly, some are those to whom Message of Allah Almighty was delivered by means of Angels (peace be upon them) and some Prophets are those who came only to bring earlier Divine Law to life. They did not come with any new Law of religion.

It has been described in the Holy Qur‘an at another place: Laa Tu-farri-qu  bay-na  ‘aha-dim-min-hum (We do not differentiate anyone among them). It aims that as far as, it relates to Messenger-hood, We do not say anyone superior or junior. So, there is no contradiction and difference between these two verses. Moreover, both the verses are correct at their own places. Being a Muslim, we believe that since the world has come into existence, with effect from then the Messengers and Prophets (peace be upon them) were sent in every nation and during every time till the Last Messenger, Muhammad (peace be upon him), they all brought the Message of One God Almighty. Message from each of them (peace be upon them) deserved obedience during their individual times. We believe in the truth of those entire Messengers and Prophets (peace be upon them).   

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253b.  And We gave Jesus son of Mary, clear proofs (of Allah’s Sovereignty) and We supported him with the Holy Spirit. And if Allah had so willed it, those who followed after them would not have fought one with another after the clear proofs had come unto them, but they differed, some of them believing and some disbelieving. And if Allah had so willed it, they would not have fought one with another. But Allah doeth what He will.  
253b.  Wa ‘aatayNaa  ‘Iisabna-  Marya-mal-Bayyinaati  wa  ayyadNaa-hu  bi-Ruuhil- Qudus. Wa  law  shaaa-‘Allaahu  maqtata-lallaziina  mim-  ba’-dihim—mim-ba’-di  maa jaaa- ‘at-  humul-Bayyi-naa- tuwa  laa-kinikh-talafuu  fa-minhum-man  ‘aamana  wa  min-hum-man-kafar.  Wa  law  shaaa-‘Allaahu  maq-tataluu; wa laa-kinnAllaaha  yaf-‘alu  maa  yuriid.


‘Ibna-  Marya-ma – (son of Mary), it aims to declare that Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him), whom the Christians consider God or son of God, actually He (peace be upon him) is son of Mary. Neither He is God and nor son of God. By face He (peace be upon him) is a Mankind like others and He (peace be upon him) is like other humankind also in the necessities of mankind.

‘al-Bayyinaatu – (clear proofs), it signifies towards all those miracles and tokens which were given to Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him), by observing which, every wise and justice-lover was influenced to believe in the Messenger-hood of Jesus (peace be upon him).

Ruuhul- Qudus – (the Holy Spirit), in the phrase of Holy Qur‘an, it aims Angel Gabriel (peace be upon him). Although, He (peace be upon him) is closest Angel to God Almighty, even then He (peace be upon him) is a creature of God Almighty, and the Christians who consider him one of three gods, take it wrongly. How an Angel can be a God?

‘ayyadNaa-hu – (We supported him), although Jesus (peace be upon him) was very Excellent and Proficient, even then He (peace be upon him) was a Mankind and like other human beings he (peace be upon him) was needy of Allah Almighty also for being saved from getting loss and reaping benefits.

At the end it is commanded that if Allah Almighty wished, those people who had seen the bright tokens of entire Messengers and after all Last Messenger, Muhammad (peace be upon them), would not have a quarrel with one another. Some of them embraced Islam and were entitled to get rewards, and some disagreed, remained Infidels and deserved punishment.

 Transliterated Holy Qur’an in Roman Script & Translated from Arabic to English by Marmaduke Pickthall, Published by Paak Company, 17-Urdu Bazaar, Lahore, Lesson collected from Dars e Qur’aan published By Idara Islaah wa Tableegh, Lahore (translated Urdu to English by Muhammad Sharif)