Monday, August 24, 2015

Lord Almighty and His Creature

Lord Almighty and His Creature

          It is better to be a mankind than Angels
          But it needs more tendency  and  labors

          Prophet Adam (peace be upon Him) to Messenger Muhammad (SallALLAAHU  ‘Alayhi wa  ‘Alihii Wasallam) more or less than one hundred, twenty four thousand Prophets (peace be upon them) came in this world. Preaching of all of them was the same, “GOD is one. Worship that one GOD, Who is CREATOR of the entire worlds. No devotion but for HIM only. Worship that LORD, WHO grows the grain from the earth. Obey the Commands of ALLAH, WHO creates without mother as He created Eve (the mother of all the mankind), without father as He created Jesus, without father and mother as He created Adam (peace be upon Them), WHO creates living from the dead and dead from the alive, WHO is The MASTER of the entire universe and the worlds (including the Day of Judgment). Earth, skies, sun, moon, stars, animals, minerals, vegetation etc. all are created by one GOD. Everything belongs to HIM and everything will go back to HIM.

(We are closer than his(/her) jugular vein).

          ALLAH is looking everywhere, in the universe as well as out of the universe. HE has neither any relative nor any partner in any matter. Laa  ‘ilaaha  ‘illALLAAHThere is none worthy of worship but ALLAH”. Meditate deeply in it. When there was nothing, there was ALLAH (GOD), when there will be nothing, there will be ALLAH. The entire universe is HIS model. Limited human mind is unable to understand the essence of GOD, though forever mankind has to try his best. So, our elders avoided to explain this fidelity and left it in abridgment.

          ALLAH is incomparable and without similarity. HE is excluded from the part and the entire. HE does not have body or organs. HE cannot be divided. HE has besieged everything. He has contained everything and HE cannot be contained in anything. HE is unlimited. HE is the Light of the earth and the skies.

          ALLAH draws our attention, “I was a Hidden Treasure. I wished that I would be viewed. So I created the universe”. During creating the universe, GOD made a mirror for HIMSELF, so that, HE may see HIS Own Beauty. That mirror is the mankind. GOD says, “WE produced Our Trust over the skies, over the earth and over the mountains, but they all frightened and denied to accept it. The mankind accepted it because he is tyrant and ignorant”.

Mankind is a collection of two things (body and soul). The Soul side was Bright, while the Body side was dark. Any Glass cannot become a mirror until its one side should be bright and the other side dark. The Angels (peace be upon Them) were created entirely from the Light, the earth and mountains were made of material. So those were unable to be a mirror. Only mankind was a thing, which was able to be a mirror, because his soul side was bright and body side was dark. So he was chosen to become a mirror. Now he was able to become a reflector of the Beauty of GOD.

 It is revealed that the words of tyrant and ignorant, used for mankind in the Holy Qur’an are not for censure but are for his utmost praise, which GOD has given a charter to HIS assistant, Caliph (Viceroy) of GOD on the earth, who is called mankind. So it was necessary that the mankind should have contained the characteristics and virtues of GOD. On being praised by the virtues of GOD, he was made a mankind, worshipped of the Angels & Caliph of GOD on the earth.
  Collected, translated and written by: Muhammad Sharif