Sunday, August 23, 2015

First Pillar of Islam – Part II

First Pillar of Islam – Part II

The testimony, that “there is none worthy of worship but ALLAH (GOD)”. This is the speech which refuses all kinds of plurality of GOD completely. It gives us lesson “Worship only one GOD”.
The Speech tells us that if you worship, worship ALLAH, WHO is neither son of anyone, nor father/mother of anyone, and there is none equal to HIM.

This is the advice that Prophets and Messengers (Peace be upon them) of God used to invite and preach their followers and nations towards oneness of GOD, although these were great sovereign states and super powers against one of the each Messengers (Peace be upon them) always. They, Messengers, (Peace be upon them) were tried to be stopped from conveyance of the Messages of GOD.

Abraham (peace be upon Him) was thrown into the fire-base to prevent Him from communication of the Message. Here, it is said, “Unhesitatingly love plunged into the fire of Nimrod”. But, see the grace of GOD, that fire-base was changed into the Garden (Paradise).

Moses (peace be upon Him) was raised against Pharaoh. When tyrannies vexed a lot to the Israelite, GOD helped them to cross the river without boats and ships. Pharaoh and his army, who were following the Israelite, were drowned into the river Nile at that same time and the same place.

GOD gave the tongue to Jesus (peace be upon Him) in the cradle to speak the truth about His innocent Mother, Mary (compliments upon her). The tongue for speech was given to the Jesus (compliments upon Him) at that time when none can believe the speech of so little child.

Whenever the Holy Persons, GOD`s beloveds drown in the commemoration of The CREATOR, they have a concept, “there is none to be worshipped but GOD (laa  ma’-buuda  ‘illALLAAH)”. “There is none to be intended but the MASTER (laa  maqsuuda  ‘illALLAAH)”. “There is none existing but LORD (laa  mawjuua  ‘illALLAAH)”. They imagine at that time, THOU art the “Spiritual Guide” and THOU art the ALMIGHTY, there is none spiritual guide except THEE, O my CREATOR.

The last Prophet, Muhammad (SallALLAAHU ‘Alayhi wa ‘Aalihii Wasallam), guides us that the person, who speaks, “there is none worthy of worship but ALLAH (GOD)”, he will go to the Heaven (Paradise). I request to quote here that in the holy time of the Last Messenger (SallALLAAHU ‘Alayhi wa ‘Aalihii Wasallam), there were also some hypocrites who used to recite this speech “there is none worthy of worship but ALLAH” (LAA ‘ILAAHA  ‘ILLALLAAH) along with the believers. But because they were not the believers, so they will not be sent to the Heaven. They will be thrown into the Hell.
When I say, I am a Muslim, I tremble because I know that after reciting, “there is none worthy of worship but ALLAH”, many restrictions will be restored upon me. I should be bound to take care The Divine’s rights, I should abstain from plurality of the CREATOR, I should act upon HIS Commands, I should love the servants of GOD, I should love the creature of the CREATOR. I should not dis-hearten anyone, I should not eat the forbidden, I should serve my parents, I should bring up my children and members of my family in a better manner, I should not make a water in the way and I should remove the thrones lying in the way, I should not take the interest, I should not get a bribe, I should bear in mind the rights of neighbors, I should feed the hungry and so on. That is to say; I should act upon all the orders received from my CREATOR and instructions received through the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SallALLAAHU ‘Alayhi wa ‘Aalihii Wasallam) with pleasure. I should have patience and not quarrel due to customary things. But whenever I have to fight against the enemies of GOD, I should not turn away and fight steadily. “In the company of the friends, be soft like silk and be like steel in the battle between false & true”. I should keep in mind that murder of a person is murder of the whole humanity.

It is said, “Frighten from the wisdom of the Pious, he looks with the vision of GOD”. Now, a little, we should peep and see in our collars, are we really Muslims? Real Muslims are like Umar (may GOD be agreed upon him), Who had already sent the Army under command of Saria to fight against the enemy. It was a trick of the enemy to hide and attack from behind the hill side. Doing so, the paces of the Muslims would be pulled out. At that time; Umar (may GOD be agreed upon him), Who was preaching the audience in Madinah, suddenly shouted “Yaa Saariah ‘ilal Jabal (O Saariah towards the Hill)” and Saariah listened to this voice in the battlefield and strengthened his defence from the hill side and won the war.

Or the Believers are like Tariq bin Ziad. With a handful army he has to fight against the enemy, who is deployed on the opposite bank of the sea. The enemy has much more worldly force, Arms and equipment comparatively. After landing on the sea-shore, the boats are burnt. Tariq narrates powerfully, “Enemy is ahead and the sea is on your back. Death is ahead as well as on your back. If you die during fight against the disbelievers, you will be called martyrs and will go direct to the Heaven. If you withdraw, you will drown and die in the sea and it is suicide. If you do so, you will go direct to the Hell. Then dear Sirs and Madams! This handful Army, who believed in “there is none worthy of worship but ALLAAH (GOD)”, annihilated the enemy and returned with glorious victory.
Collected, translated and written by: Muhammad Sharif