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Marriage with female slaves - Quran Chptr 4-25a (Pt-5, Stg-1)(L-531)- درس قرآن

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Quran Chptr 4-25a (Pt-5, Stg-1)(L-531)- درس قرآن

 Marriage with female slaves

Surah ‘An-Nisaaa’ (The Women) – Chapter – 4)

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

25a.  And whoso is not able to afford to marry free, believing women, let them marry from the believing maids whom your right hands possess. And Allah knoweth best (concerning) your faith. Ye (proceed) one from another,
25a.  Wa  mal-lam  yastati’  min-kum  taw-lan  ‘any-yankihal-Muhsanaatil-Mu’-minaati  fa-mimmaa  malakat  ‘ay-maanu-kum-min-fatayaa-  tikumul- Mu’-minaat.  Wallaahu  ‘a’-lamu  bi-‘iimaanikum.  Ba’-zukum-mim-ba’z.


Muhsanaatun – (free, believing women), its singular is Muhsanah, which has been derived from hasan. Hasan means the fort, as though, Muhsanah is that free, believing and good disposition woman, who kept safe her chastity and honor like a fort.

Powerful and bad people used to make the weak and helpless men, women and children their slaves and bond-maids in many countries of the world before Islam and they used to buy and sell them in the markets like goats and sheep. When Islam came, it brought with itself the message of equality. Nevertheless, it was not too much easy to remove the so much old rules and to change this method of dwelling, of which system the people had been habituated. As far as it is possible, Islam cares for the facilities of the people. The slaves and the bond-maids were already present in the Arab and they were in the worse condition. Particularly the bond-maids were never in any counting. They were badly used to beat black and blue. Allah Almighty provided such rules with which the condition of slaves and bond-maids might be arranged better, and in the process of time, the system of slavery might be finished.     

No bond-maid or slave exists today in the world and certainly, the wreath of finishing this slavery system is on the head of Islam. It is the custom of Holy Qur’an in removing the unlawful rules that easy commands are delivered in the beginning, as it seems that Islam desires to keep up this rule. But usually and gradually; due to obeying these easy orders, the worse customs go to an end.

Holy Qur’an promoted the dignity of bond-maids in this verse so much that It ordered, “Do not put them making prey only of your evil wishes and intemperance. But wed them and make them your wives. In this order, the seed of removing the custom of bond-maids was sown. It has been commanded, “The person, who is not able to afford to marry any free, believing women, but he feels necessity of any woman then let him marry from the believing maids whom your right hands possess. And they should escape from the unlawful deeds, because safety of Belief is very important and the faith of bond-maids is as much credible as your own.”

It is the result of accepting these orders that today slavery has been finished from the world. The respect of the woman has been established in the society. However, one thing is pending till now that none should keep any one under own influence. If it would have been done also as per the orders of Islam, then the matter would have been finalized very earlier.

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